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How To Make Haluski?



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Haluski is a traditional dish that originated in Eastern Europe, particularly in the countries of Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. The dish consists of noodles (typically egg noodles or dumplings) and cabbage that have been sautéed together in butter or oil.

The origins of haluski can be traced back to the peasant cuisine of Eastern Europe. Cabbage was a staple ingredient in many of the region's traditional dishes, and it was often paired with noodles or dumplings to create a filling and comforting meal.

Over time, haluski became a popular dish among Eastern European immigrants in the United States, particularly in the Pittsburgh area, where it remains a beloved comfort food to this day.

The dish has evolved over time and can now be found in many different variations, including versions that incorporate bacon, sausage, or other meats, as well as versions that use different types of noodles or dumplings.

Overall, the history of haluski is a long and varied one, and the dish remains a beloved part of Eastern European cuisine and an important part of many families' culinary traditions.


1 Head Of Cabbage
1 Bag Of Egg Noodles
1 LB Margarine
1 Lange Yellow Onion
Salt & Pepper
1. In a 3 quart duch oven melt 1 stick of margarine.
2. Chop and wash the cabbage and onion into long
strips. Add together in oven, then Bake 350°
3. Boil noodles to al dente. Drain. Then add to oven.
4. Tos with salt + Pepper to taste.
5. If noodles are dry add a stick of melted butter.


Here's a quiz about Haluski:

  1. Haluski is a traditional dish originating from which country? a) Poland b) Italy c) Greece d) Germany

  2. What are the main ingredients used to make Haluski? a) Cabbage and noodles b) Potatoes and sausage c) Rice and beans d) Tomatoes and cheese

  3. True or False: Haluski is a vegetarian dish. a) True b) False

  4. Which type of noodle is commonly used in Haluski? a) Spaghetti b) Fettuccine c) Egg noodles d) Ramen noodles

  5. Haluski is often flavored with which ingredient? a) Garlic b) Cinnamon c) Nutmeg d) Paprika

  6. Which seasoning is commonly added to Haluski for extra flavor? a) Salt b) Pepper c) Dill d) Parsley

  7. In which region of the United States is Haluski particularly popular? a) New England b) Midwest c) Southwest d) Pacific Northwest

  8. Haluski is sometimes served as a side dish, but it can also be enjoyed as a: a) Soup b) Salad c) Dessert d) Main course

  9. What is the literal translation of the word "Haluski"? a) Cabbage delight b) Noodle heaven c) Potato paradise d) Dumpling love

  10. Which holiday is Haluski often associated with? a) Christmas b) Easter c) Thanksgiving d) St. Patrick's Day


  1. a) Poland
  2. a) Cabbage and noodles
  3. b) False
  4. c) Egg noodles
  5. a) Garlic
  6. c) Dill
  7. b) Midwest
  8. d) Main course
  9. b) Noodle heaven
  10. c) Thanksgiving

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