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Custom Clothing Boutique & The Free Toy Box Nonprofit ein# 88-1063619

Free Toy Box Pantry

Everything in this shed is free. All the items inside are education related with new items being added regularly. Take what you need, give what you can. EIN# 88-1063619

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Online Art Science Challenge (34 classes / Projects) This course is loaded with knowledge that you'll need to know about art science and how it corresponds to painting. It's straight to the point and has lots of pictures illustrating the topics. Why pay t

Art Science Challenge (34 classes / Projects)

To the point with lots of info and pictures illustrating the topics. Save money and time and get the cliff notes of what they teach in college. A fun, entertaining, and easy read at the 9th grade reading level. It takes the average person 20 minutes to 1 hour to read and finish each assignment.

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Want to take your art to the next level?  You can learn more by taking my class.  #art #paintingscience #sciencepainting #artscience #scienceart #science #sciart #artsci #artandscience #scienceartis

Behind The Scenes Of Motley Muse

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I designed and made this. Want one? Custom designed to fit you made by me.  #handmade #outfit #fashion #design #look #style #sale #shop #fashionstyle #fashionista #shopping #design #onlineshop #shoponline #cl

Questions And Answers About Fashion

A deep dive into the science of clothing.

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Custom Made In My Size

Custom Made

Confetti (Social Media)

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free painting class video on my YouTube channel

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